The Sticky Launch: How to Get Massive Sales Rolling In - Webinar

Our experts Mike Zagare, founder of top Amazon brand in the pet space, and Chris Rawlings, Amazon seller and founder of Judolaunch, covered a range of topics for you:

  1. How to put your business completely on autopilot
    Get rid of all the annoying tasks and paperwork, have more free time and focus on what really moves the needle.
  2. 2-step formula that 98 % of sellers do not follow
    Join the 2% of Amazon Sellers that implement this product launch strategy that will give you immediate results.
  3. How to keep your sales high AFTER a successful product launch
    The #1 PPC strategy that will work for you to  keep your sales high in the post-launch production.
  4. BONUS: Sticky Launch Checklist 
    Don't miss any step on the way of our killer formula - get our FREE checklist and summary of the webinar. 

 If you're serious about being successful in 2018, this webinar is for you.