The Top 7 Reasons to Start Selling on Amazon Europe 

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You are harvesting the benefits of your US Amazon business, but it does not seem enough?

You are looking for new opportunities to scale and expand?

Ready for the next level?

Welcome to the Matrix, also known as Amazon EU.

More and more people are jumping on the FBA train, and chances are that profits will decrease once the offer gets bigger than the demand.

New markets are needed.

You may have already considered going international and becoming a seller on Amazon Europe – Amazon's second-biggest market worldwide.

But, at first glance, this seemed to be quite a hassle.

You would have to deal with import, the VAT system in Europe, different languages and cultures, bureaucracy, etc.

And let's be honest here: This effort does deter a lot of non-European Amazon sellers from entering that market.

But, what if the advantages outweighed the apparent obstacles?

In this article, you will read why you should start selling on Amazon Europe as soon as you can.

So what are the potential benefits of FBA on Amazon Europe?


1. You Will Make More Sales


This is stating the obvious.

If you already have products that make profit, it is much easier to leverage them in a new market than if you had to start from scratch. Even more so if you can add a new touch and deliver innovation.

European buyers, especially in Amazon Europe's largest market, Germany, are open to new products.

The search and demands for trendsetting "gadgets" are quite strong.

As an example from another area, the German coaching and self-improvement scene is taking most of its impulses from the US.

Historically, there is a strong bond between the two countries. This has lead to the fact that over the last decades, a lot of products that were popular in the US made their way to Germany and also other European countries.

In total, selling on Amazon Europe – meaning on,,, and – puts your products right under the eyes of more than 300 million potential customers.

You already have the products that have proven successful.

All you need to do in order to expose them to such a huge new audience are some time and money investments (additional costs, different shipping conditions, import paperwork, tax registration/handling, translations).

The good news is: They are outweighed by the benefits.

Also, most of them are not as much of a nerve-wrecker as they may seem.

What's more, Amazon makes it really easy with the Amazon central seller account.

It allows you to sell to all five European Amazon markets in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France.

It should be mentioned that Amazon Canada is a good opportunity for US FBA sellers, too.It is probably the easiest solution because of the language, culture, and overall closeness.

Yet, the sheer size of the European market speaks in favor of putting in a little effort and getting out a big effect.


 2. You Will Profit from a Growing Market


Not only is the European market large – it is also growing.

Especially when it comes to online retail shopping, Europe is going strong and stronger.

Whether due to Brexit or quite a stable economy in Germany, European buyers have been keen on spending a lot of their money on Amazon Europe.

In general, the UK has the biggest online retail sales worldwide.

Germany is the largest market for Amazon in Europe and the German market is where it's happening right now.

If the UK is currently where the US was a couple of years ago, Germany is following the footsteps of the UK.

The market is far from being saturated.

More and more customers shop on Amazon, and even US phenomenons like ''Black Friday'' or ''Cyber Monday'' have taken root in Germany and are attracting an ever-growing consumer audience.

Amazon markets that are yet behind Germany and the UK, e. g. the Roman countries of Italy, Spain, or France, will likewise grow and follow in the footsteps of their Germanic relatives.

Should Amazon decide to enter the Scandinavian or other European markets, you as an FBA Europe seller will have the advantage of only needing a little adapting.

This sets you up for immediate further expansion.

The equation is thus simple: The more the European Amazon market grows, the more sales potential is in it for you.


 3. You Will Be a Pioneer


Remember the gold rush in the early days?

Well, it may not exactly match the same enthusiasm when it comes to FBA in Europe, but there are still some aspects about going international that will make you feel like a pioneer.

As mentioned, a lot of US or non-European Amazon sellers are shying away from the somewhat higher effort of entering a foreign market, just as people in the old days were too lazy or fearful to move to the West and start digging for gold.

Those who did were often royally rewarded for their efforts.

And yes, there are language and culture barriers.

There are shipping and tax necessities.

But on the other hand, Amazon wants to grow its markets and it needs you to contribute to that.

Therefore, it makes it as smooth as possible for you.

"Pioneer light" so to speak.

In fact, it has never been easier to enter a foreign market as it is right now.

One advantage you profit from as a pioneer is the low number of reviews for German Amazon products.

If you compare the review numbers on and, there is often a huge gap for the same kind of product.

This is a golden opportunity for you to build your reputation immediately.

You will be far ahead of those that still hesitate to enter the market but eventually will when they see that it is profitable.

When everyone else follows, you as an early adopter have already done your homework.

You will be the top player and enjoy the benefits while they will struggle to establish themselves in the new market.

In short: The time is now to grow your brand, establish your products, build your reputation – and tap a huge customer base before the mainstream does.


 4. You Will Rank Higher 


What goes for the reputation also goes for the ranking.

As the European Amazon markets are yet growing and developing, there is still a lot of room at the top as far as Amazon product research is concerned.

As you will read further down that the competition is less and also not as versed as in the US.

This makes it quite easy to rise high in rankings if you know how to optimize your keywords and search terms.

Even page one ( every Amazon's seller mission) is highly feasible, since the number of sold units necessary to rank high is much lower than in the US.

You need a lower turnover and can still climb up the ranking ladder all the way.

What's more- once you are on page one, you will profit from growing sales as the European Amazon markets are constantly growing.


 5. You Will Have Less Competition


You may argue that in total, the European Amazon market is still much smaller than its US counterpart.

Of course, that is true – all of Amazon's markets in Europe together equal the US as far as the number of potential customer is concerned.

But, there is a major advantage which is also part of the equation: In the European Amazon markets, there are considerably less sellers.

Less sellers= less competitiors.

In total, the estimated number of third party Amazon sellers is more than 2 million.

Only a small portion of them are selling on Amazon Europe.

This means that you have a consumer base which is about the same size as in the US – but with only a tiny fraction of the sellers.

This is yet another reason why it is so important to seize the opportunity of entering the Amazon Europe market now, before that number increases and reaches a similar saturation as in the US market.


 6. You Will Have Less Experienced Competition


There is another attribute of the competition besides being lower in numbers.

A lot of European FBA sellers are quite new to the game and have little experience about the tips, tricks and hacks of selling on Amazon.

When you make the comparison of the EU sellers to the US market sellers, you will often find significant difference in the quality of their listings, keywords and search optimization, product images etc.

German businesses (and politics) have a certain slowness to them when it comes to adapting to online marketing and the digital realm in general.

There are only a very few (mostly younger) early adopters, the rest is somewhat hesitant and only jumping aboard when the majority does. 

Bad news for them, amazing one for you!

The grass is not greener on the other side of the pond: Your other competitors, non-European FBA sellers, might be more versed in the art of selling on Amazon, but do a poor job when it comes to adapting to foreign markets.

For example, they do not invest in a translation of their listings.

It is a bit of a hassle indeed to get your listings translated for Amazon Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, since Amazon requires that.

But, instead of investing small amount of money to have everything done properly, they think they are better off DIY-ing and use google translate.

Which, not suprisingly, sets them to fail.

If you invest in translations for your product listings, local customer service and your product packaging (yes, that is also part of a good branding), you will leave behind the majority of your competitors.

What you get is a solid ROI.

European customers are more inclined to buy when everything is in their native language, especially the customer service.

This goes particularly for France, which has always had a hard time adapting to English. Likewise, Spain and Italy are Amazon markets that will reward your efforts of proper translation.

Pro tip:

You might want to invest a little bit more and hire a translator who specializes in translating and optimizing listings. The increase in conversions will also guarantee a good ROI.


 7. You Will Get Pampered by Amazon


Amazon has the same goals as you: sales, growth, profit.

You, as a seller, contribute to that growth.

So there is no suprise here that the Seattle giant makes it easy for Amazon sellers looking to expand in Europian markets.

It acts as a streamlined and unified one-stop shop:

If you set up your Amazon central seller account in the UK – easiest because of the language –you can automatically sell on Amazon's other European platforms like,,, or

It allows you to centrally manage your products and listings.

If you do FBA, Amazon handles almost everything for you, for example providing a hub for your products at an Amazon EU fulfillment center.

As a non-FBA Amazon seller, be prepared to take care of the shipping yourself and to set up your own customer service. In this case you might want to consider if paying less fees to Amazon is worth having to put up with a lot more effort.

If you fulfill certain conditions you might even apply to be allocated to an official Amazon account manager who specializes in helping Amazon sellers enter the European market.

To sum up: if you start selling on Amazon Europe it takes a bit of boldness.

You might need to figure some stuff up, that you have previously not faced.

You might need to invest more time at the beginning.

You might need to invest some money to do it in a proper way.

But, if you do it now while everything is still in the making, that boldness will be rewarded in the best way possible- massive increase of your sales.

In case you need help with launching your product in any of the EU markets, click here to set up a  free consultation and we will take care of everything on your behalf.

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