Infographics: The Evolution of Amazon (1994-2019)

Mia Kovacevic / 1 min read

From its inauspicious beginnings as an online bookseller in 1994, to its current status as a global eCommerce behemoth, Amazon has truly evolved into founder Jeff Bezos’ dream of “an everything store”.

It’s hard to believe that such a vast, global company started in a garage 25 years ago, and didn’t even begin to sell anything other than books until 3 years after it launched.

Like many great companies, it was started with hustle, grit, and sweat by entrepreneurs with a vision - just like us.

Thanks to Amazon, there are now opportunities for others to build their own business kingdoms in the Amazon ecosystem as sellers and service providers.

That’s a real long way from Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos selling books out of their garage.

Amazon continues evolve in new, and often surprising, ways.

The purchase of Whole Foods in 2017 is just an example of how far “everything” can continue to grow. In September 2018, Amazon’s market value went over $1 trillion dollars for the first time. In November 2018, Amazon had the biggest selling days in its history on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It seems that even the sky is no longer the limit for Amazon’s potential - and as Amazon sellers, that’s the kind of news that gives us great big smiles.

Here, we present the story of the ongoing Evolution of Amazon. We can’t wait to see where it goes in 2019 - and beyond….

Infographics- The timeline of Amazon - How Amazon changed over the years


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