5 Easy Ways to Increase Amazon Product Listing Conversions (by 20%)

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All Amazon sellers have one common goal - to sell more products.

Whether selling books, bathrobes, or baby shoes, sellers want their listings to convert as much as possible.

The most important factor in selling your product is the quality of the listing. This is because the way Amazon operates is unlike smaller eCommerce stores.

Amazon is a buying platform managed by a complex search engine. The Amazon search engine is not like Google or DuckDuckGo, where searches are based on what results best match the search query.

Amazon’s search is focused on what products the customer is most likely to purchase, based on a variety of factors parsed by Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

How the different parts of a listing are optimized contributes greatly to how high the product is ranked, and therefore how likely it is to be displayed to customers searching for that type of product on Amazon.

In order to help you get more sales, we’re going to take a look under the hood at the Amazon engine - the A9 algorithm - and find out what makes it go.

We’ll then discuss best practices for optimizing a listing, and why it’s so important.

Finally, we’re going to drop some serious value with 5 Easy Ways to Increase Amazon Listings Conversions - including a powerful new promotional tool that will really help you lock down the big sales numbers that you desire.

The A9 Algorithm

An algorithm can be defined as a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

Amazon’s search engine algorithm is known Amazon A9. The name refers to the 9 letters in the word algorithm - and of course, A is for Amazon.

The A9 division was founded by Amazon is 2003 to continue to develop its proprietary search engine technology. They continue to make Amazon search faster, smarter, and deeper. How does it work, exactly? A9 gives a great summary on their website:

''We've been analyzing data, observing past traffic patterns, and indexing the text describing every product in our catalog before the customer has even decided to search. As soon as we see the first keystroke, we're ready with instant suggestions and a comprehensive set of search results.

One of A9's tenets is that relevance is in the eye of the customer and we strive to get the best results for our users. Once we determine which items are good matches to the customer’s query, our ranking algorithms score them to present the most relevant results to the user.

Our ranking algorithms automatically learn to combine multiple relevance features. Our catalog’s structured data provides us with many such relevance features and we learn from past search patterns and adapt to what is important to our customers.

We index millions of documents worldwide, and deploy them on highly scalable massive fleets of servers. We reflect millions of price and inventory changes in real time, and we return relevant results in milliseconds.''

For Amazon sellers, the significance is clear. Each product listing’s descriptive text and presumed relevance is crucial to being picked up by the A9 algorithm.

This means than what a product is has less importance than how that product is presented in its listing.

In other words, to get your product in front of the most potential customers, your listing needs to be optimized.

Optimizing Your Listing

What do we mean when we talk about optimizing your listing?

An optimized listing accurately presents all the product information a customer would want and need in order to make a buying decision, in a way best suited to being discovered by the A9 algorithm.

This means each part of your listing needs to be high quality, provide value, and have the right keywords so that the A9 can easily match your product to the people who are shopping for it.

The elements of your optimized Amazon listing are:

  1. Title
  2. Photos
  3. Keywords
  4. Price
  5. Description
  6. Bullet Points
  7. Reviews
  8. Enhanced Brand Content 

As your listing is increasingly discovered, and purchases made, your ranking will grow - and put your product into a positive sales spin.

By taking each listing element into an optimized state, you will create a powerful listing guaranteed to rank high and drive organic sales traffic.

In our experience, there are a number of techniques you can use to get your listing optimized. 


Here, we share with some of the best and simplest ways to make your listing a winner.


5 Easy Ways to Increase Amazon Listings Conversions

1. Title

Writing a great title for your product is more than just copywriting - it’s a science.

The title is the first information the customer learns about a product, and is crucial in being picked up by the A9.

According to Amazon, each product category has a formula to use when writing product titles. All categories start with the brand and list the product name.

Other facets of the title may include: the quantity (if more than one), the color (if it comes in more than one color) or pattern, the model number, the power output, and the size.

However, in order to get maximum results with your title through search, you need to format it in a specific way to get the product name, brand, use, and keywords displayed properly without the title being keyword-stuffed nonsense speak.

Here’s the Judolaunch secret sauce for titles:

What the Product Is + Brand + 1-2 Use Cases + 1-2 Features; include Major Keywords.

For example, if we were selling Chris’s organic toothpaste, a possible title might be:

Organic Toothpaste by Chris's Toothpaste Company - Whitening Formula for Brushing Day and Night

It’s important to note that all titles should follow Amazon’s basic style guidelines, and are correctly spelled and capitalized. You can find a list of title formulas and examples for major product categories here.

2. Bullet Points

Part of the body of the listing, the bullet points are actually key in getting a listing to really convert. This is the deep science of Amazon listing optimization, so pay careful attention.

It turns out the bullet points are the most important part of the body of the listing. This is because an exponentially lower number of customers view the description than view the bullet points. Most consumers just look at the first 1-3 images, the bullet points, and then they scroll down to the reviews. This makes great bullet points critical.

The bullet points need to describe what the product does, the benefits, then the features, and all the major use cases for the product. While doing so, the bullet points need to implement all of the keywords that speak to the A9 algorithm.

This is where you make sure the product is showing up for all of its main tail, mid-tail, and long tail keywords. Aside from the title, the bullet points are where your deep keyword research really pays off - and simultaneously where your customer learns if your product will solve their problem.

Amazon says that your bullet points should also include full contents of what's in the box; materials and construction; major features and benefits; power output; information on controls and settings; details on pattern/design; care instructions; dimensions; and warranty information.

3. Reviews

Reviews are also critically important to an optimized listing that converts.

Social proof is one of the biggest selling points for any business, product, or service no matter what your platform. As we mentioned before, reviews are one of the areas most read by potential customers - so you need to have great ones to get sales.

Amazon's terms of service have very specific rules about what you can and can't do with reviews. You're not allowed to incentivize reviews in any way.

This is a change from the past,  where 2 years ago you could offer, for example, 50% off to leave a review. Now, you can't do that.

What potential customers look at the most are the top voted reviews. These are the 5-10 reviews that appear on the listing when shoppers scroll down the page, and without performing any additional clicks.

For the optimal listing, all those reviews need to be 5 stars.

The way the displayed reviews are chosen by the A9 is that they are the reviews voted as the most helpful. So, even though you are technically not allowed to influence those reviews, they need to be 5 star, upvoted reviews.

Now, you can encourage consumers to leave a review in the packaging. You can also send an automatic email follow-up sequence after every purchase by using a tool like FeedbackFive or Feedback Genius. You can also encourage reviews on the packaging or in your external marketing on Facebook.

The important thing is to stay compliant within the terms of service. It’s okay to encourage customers to leave a review as long as you don't give them any kind of reward for doing so.

4. Photos

Photos are the entire experience of a product as a consumer when you're shopping digitally. High quality photos make a huge difference in consumer perception of the product, and in converting the sale.

When a shopper goes into a store, they could pick up a product, spin it around and poke it. When the product is online, they can't do any of that.

Everything they experience up until the buying decision is a virtual experience for them. Product photography is ultimately important and is what sells the product.

One picture says a thousand words is an old adage but a true one.

When someone is scrolling through search results on Amazon, they're going to click the one picture that really grabs them. The first main image is therefore really, critically, important - because it’s what will instigate the buyer journey.

Getting your product images right will put you in the top 10%, giving you a huge advantage over the competition. You can upload up to 9 images per listing. It’s not just the first image that’s important, but using a specific formula of types of images placed in the right order.

Here’s the Judolaunch Amazon photo formula:

1.Solo Shot Up Close

2.The Product In Use

3.Major Benefit


5.Multi-Panel Image

6.Highlight Shot

7.Highlight Shot #2

8 & 9. Don’t even bother with the eighth and ninth image.

Spending what it takes to get fantastic product images is the most cost-effective way to put yourself in the top echelon of sellers.

Check out our handy guide on How To Take The Best Product Photos For Amazon for more details.

5. Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a powerful new promotional tool that will really help you lock down the big sales numbers that you desire.

Amazon describes EBC as a feature that enables brand owners to change the product descriptions of branded ASINs. Using this tool, you can describe your product features in a different way by including a unique brand story, enhanced images, and text placements.

This feature is only available to Professional sellers who have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry process, as well as emerging brand owners who are part of certain managed selling programs such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives.

Essentially, EBC is a large infographic space that basically replaces or augments the description section. Amazon realized that nobody views the description, and that shoppers only view the bullet points, the title, the images, and the reviews. They started to allow certain sellers to replace or augment the description area with EBC enhanced brand content.

The EBC area lets you sell the product in any way that you want to as a brand, without the restrictive guidelines of the other listing elements. You can have links to other products in the line, or a very detailed infographic that shows the benefits and the features of the product, or more use cases and instructions into how the product works. Sellers can really get creative with it.

The Power Of Video in Your Amazon Listing

There are two areas where it really EBC really has tremendous value for creating a high converting listing.

The first is big value add of EBC is product video.

Having the ability to add product video to your listing is a game-changer.

A well-produced, short video with a strong call to action will increase conversions, negate negative reviews, and display the product in a more favorable way than still photos or text.

The purpose of product video  is to assist the consumers purchase decision.  The best videos are from the customer's point of view and focus on your product, benefits and use, solidifying their intent to purchase.   

At Judolaunch we have a proven Amazon product video formula that persuades browsers to buy:

1. Up to 30 seconds (recommended)
Note: This video is not supposed to be a commercial

2. Takes the customer as close to an in-store or at-home  experience as possible

3. Illustrates product features and demonstrates product functioning

The second great value of EBC is that most sellers are not utilizing it. If you do a really good job of designing and uploading very high quality enhanced brand content, you stand out from the pack -  and will end up taking the sales from the competition.

5 Ways to Optimize your Amazon Listing = 20% increase in conversion rates

We’ve determined that optimizing your listing for A9 and customer attraction these 5 easy ways - Title, Bullet Points, Reviews, Photos, and Enhanced Brand Content - can increase your conversions by 20%.

That’s a significant amount of sales - and profit - just waiting to be be made.

Get started today optimizing your Amazon listings to convert, and reap the benefits of EBC while the competition is standing idly.

There’s only 5 easy steps to take - so get going!

If you want professional help optimizing your listings, Judolaunch offers Optimize - a service guaranteed to increase visibility, conversions, and sales. Our team is standing by to turn your listings into high-converting winners fast.

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