10 Amazon FBA Seller Tasks You Should Outsource In 2019

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Ever wondered where online shopping happens? Not on Google, but on Amazon. This economic center of activity accounts for approximately 69% of the total consumer spending in the US alone.

But, we know that Amazon is global. You can imagine the website traffic and swarm of packages jamming fulfillment services, especially during the holiday season.

That is why more and more eCommerce entrepreneurs are eager to market their products on Amazon over other stores.

Selling through Amazon is no easy feat, however. Even with its fulfillment services available, there is still plenty of work to do every day in order to keep your business running at the top of the food chain.

As an Amazon seller, you need to make sure that things in your store get done and are done well. But that doesn’t mean that you need to do them yourself.

Outsourcing you Amazon FBA tasks to freelancers allows you to increase efficiency and free up time to grow your business.

Amazon Seller Tasks Lineup

No man stands alone. Accomplishments are sweeter (and quicker) if you have someone to share them with.

This is the typical love story between eCommerce entrepreneurs and their businesses.

To get there without losing your mind, outsource these Top 10 Amazon FBA Seller Tasks to help scale up your Amazon store this year.

1. Amazon Account Set Up

If this is your first time selling on Amazon, one of the best investments you can make is to hire a professional who can set up your Amazon Seller Central account for you.

We are well aware that the e-commerce giant continually updates their algorithms and policies.

An Amazon platform expert can help you devise a game plan that is aligned with your targets. He/she can get your account in order so the sales can start pouring in.

If you get lucky, you can also get a crash course in managing your seller account and learn how to navigate your dashboard. Or, hire another freelancer to do this for you!

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2. Product Sourcing

If you’re already an Amazon seller, you know how intense the competition can be within the Amazon community.

You constantly need to offer buyers something new and fresh that will catch their attention. You may provide quality products, but is that enough to keep them coming back?

Hiring a product sourcing specialist can help you come up with product specifications that will sell to your customers. More than the brainstorming, finding manufacturers who can offer bulk orders at a good price is a real challenge.

A product sourcing expert will analyze the buying patterns of your loyal customers to know what new products will work.

Furthermore, he/she will have enough experience with product sourcing to build a network of sellers and manufacturers whom he/she can easily contact.

3. Amazon-specific Video & Photography Services

Amazon has standards when it comes to the content you upload to your online store.

Every seller knows how meticulous Amazon can get when it comes to product images and videos. You must present your brand with professional competence, apart from focusing on attracting customers.

A freelance photographer and videographer can help create high-quality media that meet Amazon requirements.

Besides, hiring a professional assures you that your product images are shot skillfully and will have high conversions.

They will showcase the features that are sure to draw the customers’ attention and influence their decision to buy.

4. Product Listing Optimization

You don’t just add your products to the Amazon Marketplace catalog. You need to think like the customer.

What keywords will they search if they’re looking for this product? What product title will make them open the link to your store?

A freelance expert on Amazon listing tasks can create strong product listings that rank high in terms of keywords and conversions. Such results can only be possible with someone who has experience in this field.

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5. SEO

Amazon SEO is necessary if you want your listings to rank high on search results. Analysis and optimization of your product titles, bullet points, and descriptions requires time and knowledge.

An SEO expert will find the right keywords for your success.

Without a professional to do this for you, your listings may quickly become outdated as SEO algorithms continuously change.

Note: Make sure to find one that has experience with Amazon's A9 algorithm.

6. Amazon PPC

Amazon Pay-Per-Click optimization is one of the Amazon Seller tasks that need to be outsourced to an experienced professional with a good track record in advertising.

It takes consistent optimization and monitoring for a PPC campaign to work.

The goal of the Amazon PPC expert is to get your products seen by your target customers. Each click needs to be converted into sales.

Budgeting, campaign set up, testing, and follow-up are some of the constant tasks the freelancer needs to do.

7. Graphic Design

There are many ways to attract customers to your website, and one of those is to use beautiful and compelling graphics and  illustrations.

A graphic designer will take care of the visuals of your Amazon store. This ranges from creating your brand logo, packaging design, and offsite ad content.

The advantage of getting a professional to do your graphics is that he/she can incorporate your brand’s identity into the designs; making sure that your message is effectively conveyed to customers.

8. Order Management

When you’re doing your own fulfillment, you need a streamlined process to provide fast delivery to Amazon buyers. Without is, things can go wrong, and fast.

One of the common mistakes of Amazon sellers is to slip up on orders and be late shipping them out. Shoppers have high expectations when it comes to getting their products.

Failure to fulfill delivery expectations results in bad reviews.

You don’t want this to happen, especially during the ramp season when orders are at their peak. You at least need an Amazon virtual assistant to help you in managing everything from picking and packing to shipping and looking into returns and refunds.

9. Customer Service

When you sell online, you can anticipate a series of complaints coming from all sorts of customers. Your brand name will suffer if you don’t know how to handle such issues and end up with negative reviews.

It’s ideal for you as the store owner to talk to unhappy customers, but it’s not necessary.

Another good investment you can make as an Amazon Seller is to hire a customer service specialist.

Having an expert deal with buyers in various situations (both good and bad) assures you that all matters are handled professionally.

10. Social Media Management

You are selling on Amazon, but that doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself to the platform. As much as you want to rank high on the search pages, you also want to create an online presence on social media channels.

Social media is a powerful tool in digital marketing. Almost all businesses today leverage a social media strategy to expand their reach and raise brand awareness. Of course, all of these translate to more sales for their products and services.

Managing social media accounts takes an awful lot of time, though.

Save yourself the stress by hiring a reliable and experienced social media manager for your Amazon business.

How To Start Outsourcing your Amazon FBA tasks?

Just like starting a real business, outsourcing also fills business owners with worry.

When you are too involved with a startup company, you tend to do everything on your own. Eventually, you end up growing only your To-Do list and not the business itself.

  1. The first step to outsourcing is identifying Amazon seller tasks that you can delegate to independent contractors. By reevaluating your current business processes, you can find the areas in your Amazon store that are eating up too much of your time.

    If you delegate these tasks to a skilled professional, more work can be completed in a timely manner. Moreover, you can focus on more important business activities.

  2. The next step is to find the right freelancer to help you with your Amazon store. Joining global freelance platforms allows you to tap into a wide pool of talent. Hiring experts like the founders of FreeeUp specialize in helping e-commerce entrepreneurs rapidly expand their online businesses.

  3. Once you’ve hired the right fit, the last step is to manage these freelancers effectively. Weekly and monthly meetings for temperature checks are a must, especially during the busy season. The satisfaction of your workforce translates to success for your company.


Amazon is a significant e-commerce platform that provides great potential for entrepreneurs to sell products, market brands, and increase profits. But, it can quickly become too much for one person to manage.

Each of the Amazon FBA seller tasks above is equally important for your business to stay afloat and ahead of your competitors.

It’s never too late to tap new resources that can help you succeed in running your e-store. Take the burden off your plate and assign tasks to skilled and experienced freelancers who specialize in Amazon work.

Contact FreeeUp to learn more about how freelancers can help you find balance again.

Then book a consultation with us to get your free product listing analysis & optimization recommendations. Our Amazon Account Success Managers can help you strategize your store launch so you have all your ducks in a row.

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