The Amazon FBA Seller's Calendar: Your Secret to Year-Round Sales Domination

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In the hyper-competitive Amazon marketplace, diligent FBA Sellers are always looking for an edge on the competition. Hyper-competitive being an understatement here.

Between new Amazon reviews regulations, long-term storage fees updates, recent account suspension horror stories ( and this is just a tip of the iceberg)- you might have lost some perspective on the upcoming deadlines.

As we have entered the most profitable month for sellers, it makes sense to double check all the most relevant dates.

But, in this article we will not focus only on Q4, but on every single date that should matter to you as a seller throughout the entire year. 

As CNN summarized it: ''It's Amazon's world. We just live in it.''

jeff bezos amazon fba seller calendar

Your Amazon FBA Sellers Calendar should cover sales and marketing activities for the entire year relating to holidays and special sales events.

Whether you are selling in the US or are selling internationally on Amazon, this will enable you to have a steady stream of sales on a month-to-month basis, while maximizing sales during peak times in the marketplace.

By using an Amazon FBA Sellers Calendar, you’ll be ready with marketing promotions, giveaways, and sales from New Year's Day to New Year’s Eve.

You’ll always be organized and prepared, with plenty of stock on hand and seasonal goodies to appeal to your target customers. If your local brick & mortar retailers are doing it, so should you.

One of the advantages you’ll have over them are the additional online sales holidays and events, like Prime Day, which are outside the traditional gift-buying celebrations like Christmas.

Whether you’re selling FBA in the United States, Europe, or China, we’re going to break down the special days you need to be aware of.

Be sure to add these to your marketing strategy in order to take full advantage of the additional customer purchasing power that comes with holidays.

As a bonus, we’re going to tip you off to 6 under-the-radar event days that can help you grab an edge with sales in your niches.

It’s time to break out you calendar and prepare for a sales bonanza.

Amazon FBA Seller’s Calendar USA

Let's first start with what's around the corner- the most important dates of the last quarter.

Most Important 2018 Q4 dates:

5 November 2018 - Inventory Deadline
Make sure you get your inventory before November 5 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

22 November 2018
Thanksgiving (US)

23 November 2018
Black Friday

26 November 2018
Cyber Monday 

30 November 2018
Last deadline for launching your new product without LTSF ( more on that below)

5 December 2018 - Inventory Deadline
Make sure you get your inventory replenished before December 5 for Christmas

7 December 2018
Last date for fulfillment fee reduction (USD 1.25) via FBA Subscribe & Save 

 21 December 2018
“Christmas last post” - The last day people can order and still get their deliveries in time for Christmas via Amazon Prime.

25 December 2018
Christmas - Sales fall off after December 21 due to inability to receive packages in time for the holiday

A special deal for FBA sellers with new holiday products:

Amazon announced a special deal for sellers who want to launch a new product for Holiday Season. They clearly want to encourage sellers to launch brand new products with the goal of expanding selection on its site.

Amazon is offering participating FBA sellers reimbursement for up to six months of long-term storage fees  for new-to-Amazon ASINs in qualifying categories created between August 21, 2018, and November 30, 2018

(In case you haven't been up-to-date- Amazon has recently increased long-term storage fees)

The inventory must be received at a fulfillment center by December 5, 2018 in order to qualify for the promotion.

Categories that qualify include Apparel, Collectibles, Crafts & Sewing, Jewelry, Home & Garden, and Toys & Games, among others. Amazon is excluding the Media category.

Now that we covered Q4- let's take a look at the bigger picture.

While there are a number of helpful holidays for sales during the calendar year (which we’ll touch on in a bit), there are 4 times when it’s particularly important for Amazon FBA Sellers to be on top of their games.

We mentioned them above, but let's share some more details.

Most Important Amazon seller Dates ( Overall)

Amazon FBA seller calendar- US most important

1. Prime Day 

Amazon’s biggest global sales event is 1 ½ days of terrific deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

if you have prepared accordingly and came out of the craze with cracking sales, you must still recall the sellers' high a few months ago. If, not there is always next year.

Usually the date falls in mid-July, and is announced by Amazon a few weeks prior.

The thousands of limited time deals are offered only to Prime Members, but there’s an option for others to join the sales through free one month trials of Prime.

Sales are 60% higher on Prime Day, so be sure to plan ahead accordingly so that when the date is announced, you are already prepared.

This year, Amazon Prime Day lasted for 36 hours and the the members purchased more than 100 million products worldwide and surpassed all the prior sales record.

This record shouldn't last long, though. Due to Amazon's rapid growth, the company is likely to break the record again- in the upcoming holiday season- which brings us to...

2. Black Friday 

Falling on the day after the American thanksgiving holiday in November, this was a traditionally big day for brick & mortar retailers to begin their Christmas shopping specials.

In recent years, the sales push has moved online, where customers can shop from their home instead of navigating crowded shops to find bargains.

The same kind of deals can be now offered online, making it a winning day for sellers and buyers.

After last year's Black Friday- Amazon shares hit the highest record up to date which brought Jeff Bezos to a 12-figure fortune ( and now on the Forbes throne as the richest man in the world).

Fun fact: The earliest known use of "Black Friday" term was in the journal, Factory Management and Maintenance, back in November 1951, and again in 1952.

It referred to the practice of workers calling in sick on the day after Thanksgiving, in order to have a four-day weekend. Around the same time, the terms "Black Friday" and "Black Saturday" came to be used by the police in Philadelphia and Rochester to describe the crowds and traffic congestion typical for the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Inventory Deadline for Black Friday: 5th November ( meaning- order it now)

3. Cyber Monday 

The Monday following Thanksgiving is it’s own online shopping holiday, with tons of deals on Amazon in electronics, toys, books, and video games.

It was the biggest sales day for entrepreneurs and small businesses selling on Amazon in 2017. The entire 5 day period following Thanksgiving resulted in 140 million customer orders.

While not as big as Black Friday, Cyber Monday offers a great opportunity for additional sales and promotions to kick off the Christmas shopping season.

Inventory Deadline: 5th November (same as Black Friday)

4.Back to School Season 

American schools generally begin their year at the end of August and beginning of September.

For FBA Sellers, this means the end of July and all of August are great opportunities for selling school supplies, textbooks, clothes, and other items needed by kids from kindergarten age to college students.

Whatever you’re selling, tweaking the marketing towards students is a great way to take advantage of the season. Parents and students are both doing the shopping, and everybody can increase their sales during this time.

Major US Holidays


Be sure to add these holidays to your calendar, and check the dates as some of them move around the calendar by a few days here and there per year.

We’ve also included a few helpful ideas for sales items related to the holidays, or that traditionally go on sale in that time.

January 1- New Year's Day
Sell: journals, calendars, exercise gear and clothing, diet books and supplements, self-improvement books, “white sales” (bedding and towels), winter clothes

February (variable date) - Super Bowl
Sell: party supplies, American football-related items, sporting goods, televisions

February 14 - Valentines Day
Sell: candy, romantic gifts, clothing, jewelry

February (variable date) - President's Day Weekend
Sell: mattresses, appliances

March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day
Sell: Irish-themed merchandise, drinking glasses and bar accessories, party supplies

April 1 - April Fool’s Day
Sell: gag gifts, cards, Spring/Summer clothing

May 5 - Cinco De Mayo
Sell: Mexico-themed merchandise, drinking glasses and bar accessories, party supplies

May (2nd Sunday) - Mother’s Day
Sell: gifts for women, flowers, perfumes and cosmetics, women’s clothing, appliances

June (3rd Sunday) - Father’s Day
Sell: gifts for men, grooming items, ties, sporting goods, home-improvement items and tools

May (last Monday) - Memorial Day
Sell: Summer items, swimwear, pool floats and games, barbecue grills and accessories, lawn and patio furniture, appliances

July 4 - Independence Day
Sell: Summer clothes, swimwear, pool floats and games, barbecue grills and accessories, lawn and patio furniture, begin Back to School Sales

September (1st Monday) - Labor Day
Sell: school supplies, lawn and patio furniture, appliances, camping gear, winter clothes

October 31 - Halloween
Sell: Halloween costumes and make-up, Halloween decor, candy, home goods, beginning of pre-Christmas sales

November (4th Thursday) - Thanksgiving Day
Sell: pre-Christmas sales, kitchen items, begin Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

December 25 - Christmas Day
Sell: Christmas decor, anything that could be a gift, toys and games

December 31 - New Year’s Eve
Sell: Party Supplies, Clothing, Winter Sporting goods


Amazon FBA Seller’s Calendar Europe


Europe is rich in festivals and holidays.

For Amazon sellers in the EU, many holidays are shared with the US. Each country has its own national or republic day, of course, as well as the seasonal holidays.

We’ll run down the dates of the holidays here, and in general you can use the suggestions listed for US holidays as ideas for sale items in shopping.

No matter which country you are selling in, there’s plenty of opportunities to increase your Amazon Europe sales with this Amazon calendar for Europe.

Be sure to note that while some holidays are the same in the USA and the EU, they may not be observed on the same date.

We’ll helpfully mark those holidays with an * for you. Holidays celebrated in the entire EU are indicated in bold.

Major EU Holidays

1 January - New Year's Day

13 February - Singles' Day (especially in France)
14 February -
Valentine's Day (aka Lover's Day)
February (second Sunday) - Mother's Day in Norway *
16 February - National Day of Lithuania
24 February - National Day of Estonia
February (variable dates) - Carnival & Mardi Gras

3 March - Liberation Day in Bulgaria
8 March - Mother's Day in ex-Yugoslavia (except Croatia), Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia*
March (fourth Sunday in Lent) - Mother's Day in the UK and Ireland*
15 March - National Day of Hungary
17 March - Saint Patrick's Day ; National Day of Ireland
19 March - Father's Day in Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain*
20-21 March - Spring Equinox (official beginning of Spring in some countries)
25 March - National Day of Greece

1 April - All Fools' Day
April (variable date) - Easter
21 April - Queen's Official Birthday in the UK
30 April - National Day of the Netherlands (Queen's Day)
30 April to 3 June (variable date) - Father's Day in Germany*

1 May - Labour Day (excludes UK and Netherlands)*, May Day
3 May - National Day of Poland (Constitution Day)
May (first Sunday) - Mother's Day in Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain*
May (second Sunday) - Mother's Day in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovakia, and Switzerland
9 May - Europe Day (anniversary of the Schuman declaration in 1950)
17 May - National Day of Norway (Constitution Day)
26 May - Mother's Day in Poland*
May (last Sunday) - Mother's Day in France and Sweden*

2 June - National Day of Italy (Republic Day)
5 June - National Day of Denmark (Constitution Day)
6 June - National Day of Sweden (Constitution Day)
June (first Sunday) - Father's Day in Lithuania*
10 June - National Day of Portugal
June (second Sunday) - Father's Day in Austria*
June (third Sunday) - Father's Day in Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland and the UK.
20-21 June - Summer Solstice (official beginning of Summer in some countries)
23 June - National Day of Luxembourg (Grand Duke's Official Birthday) ; Father's Day in Poland
24 June - St. John's Day (bonfire night ; Catholic)
25 June - Statehood Day in Slovenia and Croatia

14 July - National Day of France (Bastille Day)
21 July - National Day of Belgium

1 August - National Day of Switzerland
15 August - National Day of Hungary (country's foundation) ; Mother's Day in Antwerp (Belgium)*
29 August - National Day of Slovakia

1 September - National Day of Slovakia (Constitution Day)
3 September - National Day of San Marino
8 September - National Day of Andorra
21 September - Independence Day in Malta
22-23 September - Autumn Equinox (official beginning of Autumn in some countries)

3 October - National Day of Germany (Unity Day)
12 October - National Day of Spain
23 October- National Day of Hungary
26 October - National Day of Austria
28 October - National Day of the Czech Republic
31 October - Halloween (imported from the USA)

5 November - Guy Fawkes' Night UK
11 November - National Day of Poland
November (second Sunday) - Father's Day in Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden*
18 November - National Day of Latvia
19 November - National Day of Monaco

1 December - Union Day in Romania
6 December - Saint Nicholas' Day (children's day; Catholic); National Day of Finland
21-22 December - Winter Solstice/Yule (official beginning of Winter in some countries)
24 December - Christmas Eve
25 December - Christmas Day
26 December - Boxing Day / St. Stephen's Day / Second Day of Christmas (excludes Belgium & Portugal)
31 December - New Year's Eve

Amazon FBA Seller's Calendar China


Chinese holidays are very important as an Amazon FBA Seller anywhere in the world.


Well, your shipments of goods from China can be seriously impacted by delays due to Chinese holidays and festivals.

It’s really important to keep these holidays on your calendar if your products are sourced from China in order to minimize the time it takes to get your shipment. 

The two most important Chinese Holidays to keep in mind are:

1. Chinese New Year - January/February (variable dates)

Celebrated on a variable date depending on the lunar cycle at the end of January and/or beginning of February, Chinese New Year could seriously impact your business.

This because there are traditionally 7 days off around the holiday. 

Many other countries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand observe this holiday too.

You will be unable to place any orders for a week during this Lunar New Year celebration time, so plan ahead so as not to get caught short-handed on stock.

2. National Day - October 1

This is also known as National Golden Week, a huge holiday celebrating the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

It’s another weeklong celebration with 7 days off. The Chinese enjoy family time, fireworks, and parades during their week off work.

As suggested above, plan ahead to avoid needing a shipment during this time.

Below, you can see below the major Chinese holidays that involve days off for the workers of

China. Plan accordingly to keep your customers happy and the sales flowering all year around.

Bonus- 6 ''Holidays'' to Hack Your Sales Growth


Thanks to the magic of the internet and creative marketers, there are a number of other “holidays” you can celebrate during the course of the calendar year that will really help your sales, especially if you are in the right niche.

These are great opportunities for sales, giveaways, coupons, contests, or rewarding loyal customers.

 We’re going to share six of them with you here. Take advantage of these “holidays” to increase your sales and serve your customers with special deals like gift cards, discounts and more.

January 19 - Get To Know Your Customers Day
March 23 - Puppy Day
May 4 - Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You)
June 21 - Yoga Day
July 26 - Aunt and Uncle’s Day
August 9 - Book Lover’s Day

The key to successful selling all year long on Amazon is being prepared.

Use this information to create your own Amazon FBA Seller's Calendar designed especially for your business.

With a bit of planning, you can capitalize on holidays and the added sales they bring all year long. Not only that, your customers will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

 Set up your Amazon FBA Seller's Calendar today and make this your best sales year yet!

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